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Aspiring Cuckold
United States
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Ruthie (Hotwife)
User Info
Country: United States
State/city/county: Iowa /Des Moines/ USA
Sexuality: Straight
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5' 8 - (173cm)
Weight: 120 Lbs. (56 Kg.)
Piercings: Body Piercings
Tattoos: One
Smoke: Just Socially
Drink: Just Socially
Body Type: Nicely Shaped
Star Sign:
Job: I work in a hospital haha .. Honest!
Basic Info
About Myself: I'm just a fun loving slut from Iowa. I love cocks and cum more than anything. I love the thrill of fucking strangers and want as many cocks as possible, black,white,married or single. I get wet and horny sometimes while I'm out in public just looking at some guy. all I can think about getting his hard cock. I have ended up in the restroom or back seat of my car in the parking lot with many of them. It's the hottest sex ever...

My husband Jim and I started my website a few years ago just for fun and I have had a blast with it. I'm not sure, but as far as I know I'm the only website girl I know of that posts my personal cell phone # in the members section of my site. I have always enjoyed talking to my members, and yes I do fuck my members as well haha. That's the whole point of having a site to me.

Jim takes all the pics and videos for my site and I hook up with just regular guys from the internet. I love being a whore on camera.. I never meet guys without my husband being with me, Unless it's just some random guy I meet at Walmart or something.. so please don't ask me to ditch him and meet you alone. he's not gay or anything. he just likes to watch and video me being a slut...

I'm not into all the pre get to know each other meetings over diner and drinks thing. If I like your pic I'll meet you for some fun. Then after we have fun we can go for dinner and drinks if you want haha. The hottest thing about all of this for me is having NASTY BAREBACK SEX with guys I've never met before. I don't know why, but I've always loved the thrill of fucking strangers. I love the feeling I get from being a hotwife slut/whore.

I'm not into webcaming or having cyber sex so please don't ask. I'm interested in having real sex with real guys.

Yes I have a website, but I'm also for real and I love doing this so if any of you guys live close enough to actually meet, I would love to have fun with you and hopefully make a hot video at the same time..
Date of Birth: 6 17
Relationship Status: Married
Previous Experience: Yes
Can Entertain: No
Willing to Travel: 50 Miles
See myself as: Hotwife
Extra Info: I don't travel much because I have kids but if your traveling through or close to Des Moines let me know. Please give me a few days notice. I hate guys that get in touch with me for the first time when they hit town and expect me to run right over and meet them.... remember I have kids and a regular job so I have to plan things a little better.
Favourite Books:
Favourite Movies:
Favourite Music:
Favourite Food:
Hobbies & Interests: I collect salt and pepper shakers. I have hundreds of them. I'm always on the look out for cock and balls s&p shakers but I haven't found any yet.
Likes:Active Involvement
One on One

Levels:Body Contact
Giving Oral Sex
Receiving Oral Sex


My partners involvement:Sexual Participant

Looking for:One on Ones
Private Party Invites
Club Invites

Baby Ruthie

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