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Aspiring Cuckold
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RonDevil (Hotwife Fan)
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Not much time for fun lately. All work and no play make Ron a dull devil.
2012-06-01 20:55:50
"In his book Sperm Wars, biologist Robin Baker speculated that the excitement and stimulation of the cuckolding fetish emerges from the biology of sexuality and the effects of sexual arousal on the brain. According to his theory, when a man believes that his female mate may have been sexual with another man, the man mate is prompted by biological urges to copulate with the female, in an effort to "compete" with the other man's sperm. The effects of sperm competition are well documented. Further, when initiating sex, the man mate thrusts harder, deeper and longer, in efforts to remove the sperm of the other man and is biologically driven to have sex multiple times. While he may be unable to have sex more than once under usual circumstances, the cuckolded man is prone to repeated sexual efforts. Meanwhile, the wife enjoys greater sexual stimulation, first by her other lover and second by her cuckolded husband. In addition, the wife enjoys the neurochemical "highs" triggered by entering into a romantic or physical relationship with another lover. These highs include the effects of oxytocin, other neurochemicals which trigger excitement, euphoria and other feelings common to the beginnings of romantic relationships. The effect from this gives the female a natural high, which can offset the negative physical symptoms like body pain, headache, and anxiety. These neurochemicals change over time and as a relationship persists, with neurochemicals changing to ones that promote bonding, planning and nurturing. When a new lover is taken, it triggers the neurochemicals of a new relationship, bringing home excitement to her husband."

2012-02-01 21:23:04
Vaginal anatomy
2012-02-01 21:07:20
I'm among the few who lists interests and such things. The rest of you are being shy, but this is not a lifestyle for the shy. We must leave behind the sexual repression of the Victorian era and step into the third millennium so we can have some fun!
2011-12-01 09:37:55
Welcome Ron
2011-11-22 11:38:25
RonDevil Thanks. Let me know if you need code.
2012-02-01 21:04:11
My web robot brought me here btw. It seems to be working correctly lol. Good robot.
2011-11-22 10:44:51
If anyone's curious, I transmutated over from aspiring cuck into a fan because I don't expect to find the right person for me and I never do online dating anyway.
2011-11-21 09:00:06
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