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Anyone have any leads on Hotwife bars or clubs in NYC?
2018-02-28 03:12:19
Ever in NYC? My wife is avail.
2016-03-18 23:50:31
RedBull I do. I am going there next month
2016-03-19 03:49:48
Any hotwife in the Boston area looking for some fun? I will be there a month or so.
2016-02-14 04:13:54
Nice cock..I could deep throat you... Swallow you whole... Just saying. Thanks for the add.
2015-10-21 20:49:09
RedBull I was just in Charlotte... Next time
2015-10-22 03:47:34
CherryShae Juat maybe....
2015-10-22 03:57:50
CherryShae Juat maybe....
2015-10-22 03:57:52
I will be traveling to South Florida Miami are. I will be looking for a hotwife...
2015-10-15 08:53:43
Any wife in the Pittsburgh area looking? I will be in the area for a while.
2015-09-25 17:46:52
Thanks for the friendship :)
2015-08-31 19:38:55
Thanks for the invite
2014-08-20 00:06:15
We lie on the bed naked, her head on my chest. Her long hair flows over my arms. Her dark eyes, fixed on my semi hard cock. She moved her hand slowly down my body, until I can feel the warmth of her palm gripping the shaft of my penis. Her eyes don't move.

She squeezes firmly a couple of times, and then stops and stares never letting go of me. I can feel her gentle breath against my skin begin to deepen. She moves her hand gently and methodically, watching my manhood slap from one side to the other, her eyes watching intently.

"What is it?" I ask, already knowing the answer. I wait for her response. She delays, still watching my dick in her hand.

Just then her phone vibrates on the night stand. I feel her exhale sharply in disappointment as our moment is broken. Silence hangs in the room like an unwelcome guest. I realize her frustration, and move my hand to her face and brush her hair back. I move my fingers across her cheek, and down the silky skin of her neck. My hands roam down her shoulders and arm. She breathes deeply and begins to squeeze slowly.

"It's big." She says as she starts to slowly stroke the shaft. She shifts her body, and moves her other arm, she grips me with her other hand also. I can feel my dick turning hard as she strokes with both hands. I let my hands caress her skin.

Once again her phone interrupts. The buzzing of another text message rattles through the room followed only seconds later by another. She pauses for a moment and returns to her task. Then another text.

She sits up and picks up the phone to check what is going on, only releasing one hand. I hire she at least silences the damn thing. Her eyes break away for a moment, and return quickly to me.

"I should go," she says, her hand still working up and down the shaft of my cock.

"You should turn that thing off," I reply."I need to cum again."

She smiles and places the phone back on the night stand, then curls back into position.

"God, I love this cock." She says softly as she grips me with both hands again and opens her mouth....
2014-06-27 16:01:52
Damn I want some married white pussy...
2013-06-25 00:00:51
Hi sexy!
2013-01-19 21:40:18
thank you for the friend request I hope your having a great day :)
2012-11-16 02:34:15
Two months in Pittsburgh area for work... Anything to do in Pittsburgh?
2012-09-05 23:11:40
Last minute changes, business in Salt Lake City until Monday. Not sure if Mrs. Hot Asian is coming, but sure hope so.
2012-08-25 18:11:39
Hope your day is going good
2012-08-22 23:18:29
RedBull Busy, but good. Love your pics girl.
2012-08-23 22:06:16
Wanted: Slutty White Wife to be used hard. Must be able to give great head, fuck like a machine, and be comfortable in front of the camera.
2012-08-22 03:03:00

I had to change my plans last night, and ended up going out with some co-workers, the hot married woman included, as we were away on business.

She is an Asian woman, with beautiful skin and features. Her dark eyes and flowing dark hair against tan skin are intoxicating. Her sophisticated style and mannerisms are perfect covers for a true freak. I love women that have this dualism in them. She wore a beautiful tunic style top, that matched her frame showing off her perky breasts and sexy skin, atop black leggings. She looked great!

Dinner and then some drinks were the plan, not a great departure from the norm, until a few of us decided to hit up some live music downtown. A group of us, six of us including my little tease, went out to see what was around. We walked to a couple of places, most were okay but my coworkers didn't feel like staying until I decided to by a couple of rounds at the place we were.

The music was loud and I could tell they were annoyed so I grabbed the two women who had accompanied us and went onto the dance floor. The others soon joined us and loosened up.

Everything was fine, nothing special, until I went to get a drink at the bar. I sat at the table we had and finished my single malt scotch, checked my messages, then walked back towards the area where my coworkers were grouped in a circle dancing harmlessly, and not very well I might add.

As I was headed to meet them, a young blonde girl grabbed my arm.
"You're hot" she said. "We should dance."
"You're hot. Of course we should." I replied as she moved away from the group of girls she had been dancing with, and began to groove with me.

I pulled her in tight against me as she began to rub her tight body against mine, her flowing dress beginning to slide up and down, exposing almost the full length of her very nice legs, as the fabric was pinched between us.

Each new song made this girl hotter. My coworkers were astounded, except the teaser. I could see the jealousy in her eyes, as some young white girl was obviously enjoying her self way too much. She was upset at my hands touching and turning this girl, and her hands gliding over my body. The fire in her eyes was incredible.

After a number of songs, this young blonde invited me to smoke some weed with her. I had to decline as my profession and company do not allow me to partake. I told her I would get a drink and meet her outside.

I didn't make it to the bar before I got grabbed the beautiful Asian woman. She would not be shown up by some younger woman. She faced me and pressed into my leg and began to grind with the beat. I hadn't been excited by the young lady, but now I was hard. She moved her body around until she found a position where her pussy was rubbing against my erect cock. My hands began to run up and down her body finding new ways to rub her soft skin. I turned her around so her back was facing me, and once again she moved around until she could feel my hard dick rubbing between her ass. My hands went up and down her body feeling her waist and neck and thighs. I let my hand fall down her inner thigh to feel the heat of her pussy. Everyone from work was staring, I can imagine the rumors that will be flying as they watched us out there getting crazy like a couple of horny kids at a college party.

I could feel her wet pussy as my fingers followed the curves of her panties that were under her leggings. Her gentle moans and sudden breaths showed she was clearly enjoying this. We danced like this for a while. Every now and then I saw her throw a look of victory towards a young blonde sitting at a table.

I think this is going to be the first Monday I might actually enjoy going to work....
2012-08-12 19:01:55
thanks for the friend request :)
2012-08-11 16:48:36
Her back was pressed up against the cold tile as the warm water flowed from the shower across our bodies. I held her knee in one hand to support her as I pushed my cock deeper into her. Suddenly her pussy tightened, squeezing my dick with warm wet pressure, as she started to hold her breath and arch her back away from the wall. I felt the warm flow from her pussy, as she squirted over my cock and it dripped off my balls. I continued to press deeply into her soft cunt as it pulsed around my erect penis. Her gasps for air and moans let me know she was in pure ecstasy. She pulled me out and pushed me against the opposite wall violently, fell to her knees, and hungrily took my cock into her mouth. She was still moaning from her climax as she licked her own cumulative off of my hard dick. She began to eagerly and passionately work magic with her mouth, attempting to persuade the semen to flow because her body could not stand another orgasm. Her soft wet hands cradled and massaged my balls as her lips,mouth, and tongue worked my shaft. She couldn't deep throat my wide cock, but she didn't need to. She worked the head, shaft, balls, and flange so perfectly that it brought me slowly to levels of pleasure I had never before experienced. My cock grew harder with each gentle motion she performed, until I was so hard it was painful. Pain and pleasure rolled together from soft actions performed in perfect place and time. I wanted to explode, but couldn't as her oral skills would only allow me to reach a new level of anticipation. I lost control of my other senses, as if I was transforming into one giant penis, with the only thought of ejaculation. Her skills tortured me for what seemed like an eternity, making me harder and more pleasurable than I could ever imagine. Then I exploded with every part of my body. Even my ears, hair, and nails seemed to force the cumulative from deep inside my balls. She sucked harder and massaged my balls more, causing my body to surrender every drop of precious fluid to her. My body seemed to collapse as every available speck of energy had been exhausted depositing my semen down her throat. She moaned with satisfaction as she had earned her prize.

Best blow job ever.
2012-07-29 16:58:09
Jessica Sounds beautiful
2012-08-06 04:21:53
thanks for the add
2012-07-26 21:56:47
Thank you so much for adding me....loved the story of yr coworker on yr wall
2012-07-14 18:45:38
Thank you so much for adding me....loved the story of yr coworker on yr wall
2012-07-14 18:45:37
The bad part of a good fuck is I only want more. So much pussy, so little time.
2012-07-04 00:06:36
thanks for your add : )
2012-01-24 14:42:04
A very sexy married woman from work is flirting with me. I noticed her checking out the bulge in my pants last week. Since then she has been finding ways to lean over me so her tits rest against my shoulder, or hang onto my arm while we talk. She started slapping my knee, but has slowly worked up to my thigh where she leaves her hand for while, half an inch from a handful of cock. What a tease! I don't think she's into the lifestyle, just a horny girl.
2012-01-18 05:52:02
RedBull I will, I am just enjoying her tease me. I played around with one lady for a year and a half before fucking her. It was intense and passionate. emotional foreplay I guess.
2012-01-20 03:26:46
spicyasianhottie If she's not in the lifestyle she soon will be once she gets a taste of what she is trying to see and touch.
2012-03-12 06:58:56
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