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Just got back from my annual Labor Day camping trip. Got into a little Cuckold action while I was out there. Had a blast!
2018-09-05 22:22:26
I am headed to a kink event next weekend. Wondering if there will be any men their willing to share their hot wife.
2018-07-25 19:19:47
Been a minute. Whats going on HotWifeHub!
2018-07-25 19:18:32
Just checking in to see who is still around on my list of friends. Need to plan some road trips for the summer.
2017-04-03 07:23:46
Thanks for the friendship :)
2015-10-20 08:13:47
hello frnds
2015-09-19 21:06:23
2015-04-23 23:26:34
hi friend
2015-02-18 05:05:16
PeeTWheatstraw Hello there....How are you.
2015-03-03 13:25:59
hello~ i wanna to be your slave ,sir
2015-01-23 05:00:42
PeeTWheatstraw How often do you come to the US? I don't travel to China.
2015-01-27 18:01:28
happyskysm i wanna to be internet slave
2015-01-27 23:49:12
Happy Holidays to everyone!
2014-12-27 19:13:07
Worshypper Thank you sir. You too!
2015-02-18 05:06:50
Where are you partying for the 4th of July?
2014-06-24 17:51:08
Hello, where are all of the DC MD & VA people at. My next Meet & Greet is June 18, 2014. I would to see some of you sexy people there.
2014-05-28 21:33:03
Happy St Patricks Day!! Where are all the naughty Irish women at?
2014-03-17 09:16:20
Thank you for the add, and good luck to you here on the hub!
2012-07-29 19:21:18
I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!!!
2012-01-08 02:36:22
I would get a tattoo 4 u!
2012-01-07 20:48:01
2012-01-08 02:35:48
Happy Veterans Day to all that have served in the military and fought for our freedom!!
2011-11-11 17:28:52
Loving the new site!
2011-11-06 20:10:56
MultifacetedMoi We love having you here!
2011-11-07 16:47:38
PeeTWheatstraw Thank You!!
2011-11-10 19:38:43
I want to Trash for allowing me to join the site.
2011-11-03 20:33:52
Trash Great to have you here my friend!
2011-11-12 09:14:15
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