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Aspiring Cuckold
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KharrhaDawn (Hotwife)
User Info
Country: Canada
State/city/county: Manitoba/St.Andrews/Canada
Sexuality: Straight
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5' 5 - (165cm)
Weight: 110 Lbs. (51 Kg.)
Piercings: Just Ears
Tattoos: A few here and there
Smoke: Yes
Drink: Yes
Exercise: Daily
Body Type: Athletic
Star Sign: Virgo
Basic Info
About Myself: Well hello there!

I am a very unique woman. And I am here on this website for very specific reasons.

I am a hotwife. If you do not know about the hotwife lifestyle, I encourage you to learn about it before you contact me. If you're a very well hung, nice looking, clean male that takes pride in his appearance, and in being a well hung stud that knows how to slut-fuck a girl properly, I would be interested in hearing from you.

And all you need to know is.. that I don't want romance. I don't want friendship. I want to establish a very select group of males that will give me what I need.

I expect to be taken and used. I expect to be fucked intensely, and not like a lady. I dress up hot and to the nines for my studs and bulls. I entice my men with short videos and photos before we meet. I prepare myself for them. When we meet, I take to my knees to suck them hard. I position myself in their preferred way, and then have them pound my pussy properly and use me the way I expect to be, need to be and deserve to be.

I am sexy and toned. I take care of myself and I am fit and very health conscious. I am STD and STI tested and I provide my results. And my men will also, or they will be rejected. Period. My bulls bareback me and fuck me like they're breeding me. That is not negotiable.

My requirements in men are that they are nice looking, clean and well dressed.
They are hung and they fuck me like a slut.
They will interact and be vocal with me in the time before and also during fucking me.
THEY WILL BE FILMED AND RECORDED EVERY TIME AND THEY WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED WEARING MASKS OR DISGUISE. THE VIDEOS ARE FOR MY PERSONAL USE AND WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE TO THE MEN. If this is a problem or issue, you are not eligible. It is a key element of these experiences for my Master and I. There may be videographer/camera persons (my Master or my girlfriends) present. For instances when my Master is not present, I will be accompanied by a protector, until such time as a trusting relationship is established.

It is not a requirement of the studs/bulls to participate, but our goal is to arrange gangbangs in various scenarios or themes. The young studs theme, the sturdy 40+ Business Gentlemen enjoying use of the Slut theme, or the Black Bulls theme.

Single males with integrity will be considered. The male half of a swinger couple will be gladly considered also. But only separate swinging couples. The lady will not be present. Video sharing is offered as a compliment to the couples only. But ONLY of those specific encounters.

Sorry to you small or medium small cocked men. You are not eligible.

My Master and I love the hotwife portion of our lifestyle. But we are classy and safe. Every person that is considered for these adventures will be met beforehand by us both for a meet and greet.

Simple "hey sexy lady.." type emails will not be considered, ever. My men will use me as a slut, but will treat me kindly and respectfully at all times outside of the encounters.

This is a unique opportunity for just the right kind of gentlemen and/or couples with this type of interest. Thank you so very much for taking the time to read my introduction!

My Master and I will make ZERO exceptions to the above listed particulars. I don't want your compliments and I don't want to chat and flirt. I want to get Slut-Fucked, Gang-Banged, Used and Enjoyed by some exceptional men.
Date of Birth: 1974
Relationship Status: Married
Previous Experience: Yes
Can Entertain: Yes
Willing to Travel: 50 Miles
See myself as: Hotwife
Extra Info: No matter how nice looking, horny, athletic, chiseled, or attractive a man is... No matter how into hotwife lifestyle he is and no matter how fitting he is to the situation.. If he does not have at the VERY least a 7" cock with some girth to it.. I am not interested. You can fuck like a jackrabbit.. and eat pussy like Don Juan himself.. but it doesn't matter. You can't deliver what is not there. I am not apologizing to the disqualified fellas either. There are plenty of 'breast' men out there that wouldn't be interested in me (being president of the IBTC.. or Iddy Biddy Titty Committee) I need a big fat cock to start with and I need an expert stud to use it on me. Besides, There ain't a set of tits in the world that I would trade for my sexy ass. Secondly, individuals that will be considered for the adventures, will be confident, and poised. I want to get FUCKED.. I do NOT want to be licked, I do not want to be caressed, I do not want to be told how beautiful my eyes are. I want to be treated like a slut and fucked like a slut, because proudly.. that is what I am! Thirdly, there will be NO cheaters considered ever. Secret relationships are not what we are about or stand for, and all the power to those that find what they are looking for with them, but that is not what we stand for or are about. We are up front. Please respect this. Absolutely NO married men, or even involved men that conceal their extracurricular activities. My goal is to provide my very special someone with a very special gift. And that very special someone, is the owner of the collar around my neck and the owner of my soul. If you are reluctant or concerned with being photographed and captured on video with full facial expressions and sound.. then you are not eligible. Because these videos and photos are to be gifts, to my Master. He loves that I am a Slut, and we love the Hotwife lifestyle. I am a Hotwife for us both, equally and I would never dishonour him with anything less than excellent. I seek to establish solid relationships with a group of studs. Single visitor encounters, to groups. But EVERYONE will demonstrate their being clean and thei quality of their constitution when we meet. My choice will be given to the male halves of separate swing couples and it is also my intention to select exceptional single males.
Favourite Books:
Favourite Movies:
Favourite Music:
Favourite Food:
Hobbies & Interests:
Likes:Active Involvement
One on One
Group sex

Levels:Body Contact
Giving Oral Sex
Receiving Oral Sex

Fetishes:Erotic Email or Pictures
Role Playing

My partners involvement:Watching

Looking for:Club Invites
Private Party Invites
One on Ones

Kharrha Dawn

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