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Feel like Fucking...
2016-04-21 17:05:03
twosbetterthanone feel like getting fucked...
2016-04-21 17:36:09
KEMAR Come to Jamaica Let's Fuck....
2016-04-21 17:41:45
twosbetterthanone i have to save money for the trip still
2016-04-21 18:12:54
twosbetterthanone i want your fat cock inside me now!
2016-04-21 19:17:36
KEMAR Come let Me Fuck You with My Big Fat Cock...
2016-04-21 19:21:52
twosbetterthanone i plan to:) u can cum in me too.i dont have birth control tho
2016-04-21 19:34:38
KEMAR I will Cum inside Your Pussy every time that We Fuck.
2016-04-21 21:16:22
twosbetterthanone and wat if i get knocked up?
2016-04-21 23:26:13
twosbetterthanone did u see any of ur friends today and show me to them?
2016-04-21 23:31:27
KEMAR Hello My Baby....How are You?
2016-04-22 02:00:36
twosbetterthanone hi im good how r u?
2016-04-22 23:39:42
KEMAR I am Doing Fine at Work With a Big Hard Cock....
2016-04-22 23:51:10
twosbetterthanone mmmm!! i like big hard cocks:) wish i was there to get bred
2016-04-23 00:05:42
twosbetterthanone r u hard from me?...
2016-04-23 00:06:22
KEMAR Yes I am From Thinking about Fucking You...
2016-04-23 00:53:04
twosbetterthanone aww ur sweet. how would u fuck me first
2016-04-23 02:09:52
KEMAR I Would Fuck You Doggy Style First...
2016-04-23 02:49:58
twosbetterthanone love doggystyle. love anal. u ever gonna let me meet ur buddies?
2016-04-23 06:40:56
KEMAR Doggy Style and 69 are My Favorites
2016-04-23 07:09:47
twosbetterthanone 69s ok ide rather make the hubby lick me while i suck u tho
2016-04-23 07:21:43
2016-04-23 07:52:08
2016-04-23 07:52:08
2016-04-23 07:52:34
KEMAR Do You do Deep Throat?
2016-04-23 07:53:20
twosbetterthanone i like to b facefucked
2016-04-23 08:11:41
KEMAR I Will Fuck Your Face....
2016-04-23 08:24:45
twosbetterthanone god i really need my pussy rode good im so tired of my tiny dick hubs trying to please me. wat a waste:(8
2016-05-02 07:16:56
KEMAR I Will Fuck You will My Big Thick Cock....
2016-05-02 07:58:09
twosbetterthanone i kno i just have to get to u he doesnt want to go to jamaica now. he doesnt want me to get preg. by u. i told him i dont care wat he thinks
2016-05-03 07:17:35
KEMAR Come to Jamaica by Yourself. Leave Him at Home....
2016-05-03 15:16:59
twosbetterthanone r u going to help pay for me to go?
2016-05-03 17:45:59
KEMAR How much does it Cost for You to get here?
2016-05-03 18:26:21
KEMAR How much does it Cost for You to get here?
2016-05-03 18:29:06
twosbetterthanone its like 2000$
2016-05-04 00:41:44
KEMAR Where do You Live?
2016-05-04 01:08:36
twosbetterthanone in mid missouri. y r u gonna come to me?
2016-05-04 01:56:57
KEMAR I would Love to Come to You but I need to get a Visa...
2016-05-04 03:53:12
twosbetterthanone u could cum on me in my pics till then tho just imagine my tight little legs around u:)
2016-05-04 06:38:07
KEMAR I want the Real Thing...
2016-05-04 08:32:36
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