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I can’t see a friend request even though I received an e-mail stating that I have one.
Go to your main page and view the menu on the left side of the page. There you will see a link entitled Friends. Click on that link and there will be a subcategory where you will see Requests with the number of requests currently pending. Click on the subcategory and a page will load where you can either confirm or deny a pending friend request.
How do I change my password? Can I change my password? What if I forget my password?
Passwords are automatically assigned to make profiles more secure from hackers. Users can reset their password if they do not remember their password using the link under the login on the main page. The new password will be sent directly to the e-mail used to sign up for a HotWifeHub account.
What is the difference between a Hotwife and an Aspiring Hotwife?
A hotwife is a woman who is already married, or taken, and currently has a cuckold relationship. An aspiring hotwife is single, or available, for a cuckold relationship.
What is the difference between a Cuckold and an Aspiring Cuckold?
A cuckold, like a hotwife, is someone already in a relationship. An aspiring cuckold, like an aspiring hotwife, is someone looking or available for a relationship.
Are you on Twitter?
Yes, we are! You can follow us on Twitter here: and Hotwife Blog on Twitter here
What is your blog website?
We’re glad you asked! Our blog website is
You can read as well as submit your own stories and adventures there. Use the form here: and don’t forget to include your Hotwife Hub username when submitting your stories
How can I get more attention/visits to my profile?
You can get more attention and visits to your profile if you follow these easy steps:
  • Start by filling out your profile. The more information visitors to your profile have, the more likely they are to find something in common with you and begin a conversation.
  • Next, add a few pictures to your profile. (Here’s a bit of friendly advice for you men, Bulls and cucks alike. Women don’t want to be greeted with a picture of your crotch. Try loading a face picture or two and keeping one for your profile picture. Women, especially hotwives, are quite capable of telling men when they want to see more.)
  • Finally, get involved! Send out introductory messages to people you find interesting. Respond to messages sent to you, even if your only response is a polite “no thank you…I’m not interested.”
  • Here are two more things you can do to increase your chances of being noticed: become active on the, join our affiliated dating website, and follow us on and Hotwife Blog on Twitter here .
What do all of these terms mean?
We have compiled a list of common terms you may see on this website. If you see a term that does not have a definition here, please feel free to let one of us (Trash or MultifacetedMoi) know and we’ll add it to the list.
  • Bull – a male who enjoys having sex with Hotwives/Cuckoldresses
  • Cuckold – a male who is married to or involved with an unfaithful woman (also called a cuck)
  • Cuckoldress – a female who cuckolds her partner or husband. (see also Hotwife)
  • Cuckoldry – the act of cuckolding; the state of being cuckolded
  • Hotwife – A woman who has sex with men outside of her marriage or relationship
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