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Jill1135 (Hotwife)
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Hello Jill
2014-09-18 22:09:56
Let me know if youre still coming to NJ in June. It's time for you to back up all that talk!
2013-05-18 01:10:05
paging jill!!! paging jill!!!
2013-05-11 15:36:12
Thanks for the add Jill! KIT I'm sure you'll b in MD or DC sometime soon:D
2013-04-04 15:00:39
PLEASE, let me rim you while you get off!
2013-03-21 22:47:39
Just want everyone to know I am off birth control and ready to be bred !!!
2013-03-14 12:52:44
Maverick69 Let's breed so my sperm can wrestle with any BBC cum you get to see who wins.. I love some friendly competition.. LOL
2013-03-14 18:10:58
Little3 I can't wait to bred you!
2013-03-14 18:44:33
Bdogxbbc mmm sounds like a plan :p
2013-04-04 14:53:31
I'm at Disney world in Orlando this week.... Any bulls in the area??
2013-02-11 11:57:35
Maverick69 I see a gang bang with Mickey, Donald and Goofy in your future..
2013-02-13 04:31:48
I'm in room 1005 at beau Rivage in biloxi
2013-01-18 13:31:49
Little3 Sorry i wish i was at the Casino!
2013-01-19 03:03:48
Jill1135 Me too!!
2013-01-19 12:59:45
Little3 Did you have any luck last night?
2013-01-19 20:17:02
I'm in room 1005 at beau Rivage in biloxi
2013-01-18 13:31:46
I'm in room 1005 at beau Rivage in biloxi
2013-01-18 13:31:44
I'm in room 1005 at beau Rivage in biloxi
2013-01-18 13:31:43
I'm in room 1005 at beau Rivage in biloxi
2013-01-18 13:31:30
anybody near Biloxi MS tonight and tomorrow??? I'll be at Beau Rivage Casino and looking for fun!!!!!
2013-01-16 19:42:39
anybody near Biloxi MS tonight and tomorrow??? I'll be at Beau Rivage Casino and looking for fun!!!!!
2013-01-16 19:42:32
I'm going to be at the Beau Rivage casino in Biloxi Sunday and Monday nights. Will be dressed nice and slutty. Anyone in the area that wants to fuck?
2013-01-12 13:13:10
when are u cumming to WA so i can bust my nut in that hot pussy of yours?
2013-01-08 12:09:06
Allan69italian come to WA :(
2013-01-12 13:17:02
Allan69italian come to WA :(
2013-01-12 13:17:03
Who is going to swingers parties on New Year's Eve??
2012-12-29 19:58:01
Little3 I am look for one!
2012-12-30 06:30:14
Jill1135 good baby
2012-12-30 22:26:47
Little3 Did you go to a swingers party Jill?
2013-01-01 23:46:16
I'm going to Beau Rivage Casino in Biloxi this friday, 12/21....anyone close who wants to fuck me?
2012-12-18 20:35:09
I'm going to Beau Rivage Casino in Biloxi this friday, 12/21....anyone close who wants to fuck me?
2012-12-18 20:35:01
Any hot guys in New Orleans this weekend??
2012-12-01 13:42:19
Little3 I would love to travel to New Orleans to meet you!
2012-12-01 18:00:15
hey i maybe sponsoring and filming an orry soon within philadephia total free for women and for all those that I met personal contact me for more details . P.S No first single white men are allowed
2012-11-30 15:49:50
Omg Jill! When i look at your profile you make my nuts so heavy!! I just want to overflow your naughty little pussy with my cum and send you back to your hubby so you can show him what happens to your pussy when I take you out!
2012-11-26 14:29:39
Jill1135 I'm all for that! When and where??
2012-11-26 22:38:16
I'm in Charleston SC and need my pussy eaten today!!
2012-11-03 12:05:31
7ofnine Available for that service once you get back to New Orleans. Message me :-)
2012-11-03 14:52:31
I'm in Charleston, SC at the Marriott Courtyard on Calhoun St.
2012-11-01 13:46:14
I'll be in Charleston, SC for Halloween.... Anybody near that wants to play???
2012-10-17 12:14:25
Little3 I wish i could!
2012-10-25 04:57:48
2012-10-08 12:58:19
Jill1135 Your cock looks yummy too
2012-10-13 12:02:30
HungJuicyCock it's waiting for you to come suck the juices out of it, over and over again.
2012-10-14 16:33:28
who wants to suck my titties?
2012-10-02 20:59:17
Little3 Sign me up to suck on those titties and your sexy pussy!
2012-10-03 02:38:29
Jill1135 Can you come to new Orleans?
2012-10-03 12:25:44
Little3 Possible if i set up a trip.
2012-10-09 08:57:47
Bidude_tenn I travel to Baton Rouge a few times a year, ever make it to that area?
2012-11-09 13:00:05
I'm in Philly all weekend. Any big cocks ready to play??
2012-09-15 11:35:12
Maverick69 No one was available for this hottie??? WTF?!?!
2012-09-17 03:40:24
Jill1135 I heard from nobody.... No sex all weekend!
2012-09-18 12:40:49
Maverick69 Bring that body on to Dallas. My girl and I both might take you..
2012-10-04 20:14:32
who wants to suck my titties?
2012-09-06 19:23:40
lbc710 i do!!! not only your titties babe
2012-09-06 22:13:47
ItalianBull I LOVE sucking on big tits.
2012-09-07 00:16:44
Maverick69 Bring them on!!! And start checking your PM's and emails. ;)
2012-09-13 11:03:18
I'm going to be at Beau Rivage in Biloxi Tuesday night, August 14th.... Anyone want to play??
2012-08-12 12:50:52
Maverick69 I cannot believe no one has replied to this fine lady!!! Come to Dallas and I'll take you for some fun..
2012-08-14 02:59:19
Jill1135 It's messed up.... I was there in a slutty dress and nobody even flirted with me!!!
2012-08-16 13:06:51
Maverick69 That is insane!!! Where you wearing you anklet???
2012-08-16 17:58:17
Jill1135 Yes and my toe ring
2012-09-04 14:48:00
Maverick69 I would have taken you.
2012-09-06 14:13:14
Jill1135 and i had my toe ring on too
2012-09-06 19:11:42
I'm going to be at Beau Rivage in Biloxi Tuesday night, August 14th.... Anyone want to play??
2012-08-12 12:46:17
Hi there, like your profile and pics, check ours out as well and maybe be friends :)
2012-08-07 20:49:29
It is parker from AM god are a juicy little slut....
2012-08-05 05:20:07
Jill1135 I love being a slut
2012-09-04 14:48:35
Where have you been?
2012-07-23 19:11:43
Seeker alpha is going to try and knock me up. Any other sluts want the same treatment???
2012-07-07 13:06:07
Maverick69 Come to Dallas if you want to be "well bred"... I'm in lust with you Jill.. ;)
2012-07-08 05:52:15
Maverick69 Will any other Dallas bull help me give Jill a "double shot"???
2012-07-10 03:55:50
Little3 I would love to see you knocked up by a bull!
2012-07-10 21:37:17
see my new pics per your requests!!!
2012-06-30 01:22:02
Jill1135 Thanks!!! It was fun. I love cum!
2012-07-07 13:03:45
Maverick69 UrbanCB.. Talk Jill into coming to Dallas.. Pretty please with a hotwife on top!!!
2012-07-12 21:10:05
Any of you studs have suggestions on how I should pose for some new pictures???
2012-06-26 13:08:29
Maverick69 yes, I do... Bent over looking back in a very tiny g-string or bikini.. Lots of pics in g-strngs and bikinis.. You have the perfect body.. I also didn't hear back on my email that I sent. Did you get it???
2012-06-26 18:26:06
Maverick69 I even have some suggestionson some suits and would be happy to send one to you.. ;););)
2012-06-26 18:33:55
Maverick69 Jill, you have my email and I am willing send you gifts to shoot in, so my balls are in your court...???
2012-07-12 21:26:43
I'm going to Destin, Florida next week on vacation. Any studs in that area??? I will be wearing iddy bitty thong bikinis all week on the beach!!!
2012-06-16 12:42:33
Sastud469 I live VERY close to there
2012-06-22 03:14:26
Jill1135 Where do you live???
2012-06-26 13:07:16
Dirtyrob I moved from Panama City not too long ago! You like military Bulls?
2012-11-26 14:33:32
just added two new photos in the Jill gets creamed album.....action from last week-end!!!
2012-06-12 23:43:36
Rx4Pain Damn I wish I could add a big load to that creamy pussy.
2012-06-29 22:42:57
Jill1135 I love loads from two guys in my pussy at the same time!
2012-07-07 13:04:48
Love the tramp stamp. Would love to cream on that and then cream on you... Oh and you should definitely fuck SeekerAlpha.
2012-06-09 20:40:00
Who wants me to fuck SeekerAlpha??? I vote "yes" for one!!!
2012-06-08 11:32:02
Maverick69 I'll DP you with him.. How's that sound?
2012-06-09 14:11:20
Jill1135 I love nothing more than DP
2012-06-26 13:06:12
Maverick69 Let's do it... I'm waiting.. I have another bull here that would join...
2012-06-26 18:27:10
Guys..... I'm thinking about getting a pretty large tramp stamp. Who thinks I should do it??? Anyone disagree???
2012-05-24 12:42:12
Maverick69 Jill, I am going against the grain here... I think you are already perfect and don't need anymore ink on that beautiful body. If you want something on your back, I'll gladly volunteer.
2012-05-25 03:33:22
Thinking of you.. Sent you an email. ;););)
2012-05-24 03:13:58
Are you ears burning? Hottstuff and I were discussing you.. ;)
2012-05-21 02:32:50
Where are you at beautiful?
2012-05-20 13:41:57
Emailed you. Good morning!!!

2012-05-19 13:57:13
I just sent you two more messages. They seemed to get pushed down the message list. ???
2012-05-18 14:08:09
Where you at Jill? ;)

2012-05-18 02:59:22
Jill1135 I'm here baby
2012-05-18 13:13:54
Maverick69 Well good. About to send you another message.
2012-05-18 14:01:23
Morning guys...... I need a hard cum filled cock!!!
2012-05-17 13:04:33
Maverick69 I offered. ;)
2012-05-17 15:24:33
Krisblac No sale since 2 days can be very heavy loads on free sale
2012-05-17 15:54:13
ItalianBull I'm ready for you.
2012-05-17 20:38:48
i always wear anklets!!
2012-05-16 21:03:02
Look at my new photos guys!!! I love cream pies!!
2012-05-16 13:59:22
Krisblac I love that DP pic !!!
2012-05-17 15:51:51
I will be in Las Vegas with my husband from June 8 through June 11.... He has to work..... I want to play. Any big studs need their cocks sucked and fucked???
2012-05-15 12:29:17
ItalianBull Awe too bad, I'm going to miss you by a weekend.
2012-05-16 16:28:07
Who wants to eat my pussy?????
2012-04-20 15:46:33
CHADJOSH id rock that boat hun!!
2012-04-20 21:06:29
Leeds3 C'mon up to Dallas babe! I'll take care of you!
2012-04-20 22:23:50
Leeds3 C'mon up to Dallas babe! I'll take care of you!
2012-04-20 22:24:23
haoule8 any day gorgeous
2012-05-13 16:07:28
Who wants my pussy???
2012-04-07 04:31:14
I am in Clearwater, Florida from March 22 - March 26....Anybody HOT in the area??????
2012-03-23 12:26:03
military_for_yourwife swing through Montgomery on the way home
2012-03-29 02:55:56
Jill1135 my husband comes to montgomery to go to the Hyundai plant....want me to come with him next time?
2012-05-15 18:19:43
Thanks for the add. You are just so sexy and hot.
2012-03-22 03:30:21
Check out your interview on the blog
2012-03-07 15:08:03
Will be in Las Vegas mid April...... Anybody going to be there too??
2012-02-23 13:18:37
mr44445 I just might be trying to finalize plans now let me know the dates so when try and connect
2012-03-01 23:58:48
BigWhiteCock I will be there too for a bachelor party!
2012-03-04 20:48:43
Oh are sexy..beautiful breasts..nice ass...I would definitely have fun with you!!
2012-02-16 23:08:19
I'd love you to sleep naked with me
2012-02-11 21:26:26
TheWifeHammer I think you two ladies should doubleteam me someday soon ...
2012-02-16 21:07:51
Wow, I'd love to play with those titties baby....and of course a lot more than that
2012-02-10 14:56:31
Jill1135 Like lick my as?
2012-02-11 21:27:36
Intoitalltheway Sounds good to me
2012-02-12 01:48:23
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