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Aspiring Hotwife
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United States
Aspiring Cuckold
New York City
United States
Aspiring Cuckold
Texas dfw
United States
Aspiring Cuckold
Michigan/Grand Rapids/Kent
United States
cumslut (Aspiring Hotwife)
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2018-05-02 13:17:36
Looking for a hotwife, will be my hotwife?
2016-08-14 18:57:42
J1mb0 *you
2016-08-14 18:57:54
let me bust my nut in u!
2013-01-08 12:07:16
Hey !!! Love to fuck with my black One !!! baby
2012-01-17 17:05:32
Hey Kathy, would love to hear about your hookup adventure you had through this site. I could post it on the blog for you. Send here if you're interested and have a great weekend.
2012-01-14 14:17:45
2012-01-04 19:35:24
Coming soon BBC and creampies!
2012-01-02 19:45:13
rockarmy81 mmmmm i would love to unload all of me inside of you i love giving creampies!
2012-01-02 22:10:15
you like a slave?
2011-12-30 16:22:32
cumslut Yeah, I'am Jayvilla's slut but would like a slave, message me hun!
2011-12-30 19:13:43
cumslut I'am an Irish redhead with green eyes, I would like a slave but you will have to do as I tell you baby. How big are you, are you heavy cummer, thats what I like. I'am Irish and visit the emsrald isle 2 or 3 times a year, maybe we could neet so long as you do as your told!
2011-12-30 19:30:20
cumslut Can you make me cum baby?xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
2011-12-30 19:31:37
Jayvilla yes you are my slut baby, but i like the idea of you having a slave. as long as you dont forget that you belong to me
2011-12-30 19:46:19
sexybull4u88 hey cumslut , heavy cummer yes. big yes . I cum multiple times
2015-12-16 13:29:50
damn i want u to get on your knees and worship my big black cock then suck it deep. sound good baby
2011-12-28 07:19:32
cumslut Yes please hun!
2011-12-28 13:40:04
Don't do anal, tried it a few times and didn't do a lot for me but been fantasizing a lot lately about getting D.P'd. Any of you girls tried it? What did you think?
2011-12-27 09:27:58
justafan i do anal, hurt a bit at first but now i love it
2012-01-24 07:42:14
So long as you think you can satisfy me, yes!
2011-12-21 19:59:08
Krisblac Love to be !!!
2012-01-18 05:15:11
Thank you darling.
2011-12-21 19:32:00
Had a great time at the party, got layed by 4 guys including my hubby! Looking forwards to the next one already!
2011-12-17 12:16:54
Going to a party this weekend with two or three like minded couples, hope to get the ass shagged off me1
2011-12-05 19:24:42
britbusinessman Mmmmm, lets hope so! Report back! xxxx
2011-12-10 08:02:31
are you looking for new cock cumslut?
2011-11-25 12:02:40
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