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Would love to organise my wife to be bred by you

Pm me
2016-04-02 23:45:03
Wouldn't you want a Filipino baby
2015-07-20 06:15:45
hey there I am in the Charlotte area. Wanna chat?
2015-03-01 20:29:48
I have truly enjoyed watching your transition into the perfect HotWife that you are.
2015-01-27 18:50:56
Hope you keep fucking when you are pregnant by a black bull. I'd luv to watch you with your swollen belly as a BBC fills you full of hot cum.Then I'd want to taste your cum filled pussy.
2013-09-26 13:34:16
It's a shame we're not closer, as I'd like to join you and your black lover[s] while your husband watches and like my hubby, videos what we do with those bbc's.
2013-09-03 07:57:11
are u into muscular hung italians?
2013-01-08 12:01:05
playing hard to get?
2012-04-20 19:45:52
coming to atlanta?
2012-04-08 02:42:33
Charleston bull here. 28y.o 10in thick black dick. Do you make any trip to Charleston?
2012-03-13 17:08:53
When are you going to be in Charlotte?
2012-02-07 15:41:52
We play in Atlanta & Charlotte, and are looking for another female to join me in servicing black men only. If interested, message me ;)
You can also check out my clipstore to get an idea of how we play....
2012-02-04 03:31:33
Varona Would love to join U..
2017-01-31 02:22:45
Heading to ATL this weekend for some KINK! Daddi told me today he has a host of Nasty things He wants to do to me! Can hardly wait!!!
2012-01-17 00:59:49
Gummifrei So what did U have to do?
2012-10-18 06:58:19
This ? is for all the cuckolds out there....
What is your biggest turn on that you get from cuckolding?
2012-01-16 01:33:18
Breedingwife4cuckold That turns you on? I dont get that... how so?
2012-01-24 02:56:04
Cuckoldluvr Eating fresh creampies. :)
2013-09-09 19:42:09
Cuckmenowforher420 Sliding my dick into her freshly fucked stretched out pussy
2014-04-06 00:42:29
This ? is for all the cuckolds out there....
What is your biggest turn on that you get from cuckolding?
2012-01-16 01:32:52
Anyone ever seen a black cock with a white head.... I had one recently. You can see it in the latest update @ my clipstore. I'm trying to get the hubby to let me post a pic ;)
2012-01-12 08:59:45
Anyone ever seen a black cock with a white head.... I had one recently. You can see it in the latest update @ my clipstore. I'm trying to get the hubby to let me post a pic ;)
2012-01-12 08:59:45
it's too bad you're only looking for black men! I would love to give you my thick cock
2012-01-11 22:49:24
Breedingwife4cuckold I'd love to take it, but my Husband only allows me to play with Black Men. But I love cock of any color ;)
2012-01-12 08:56:32
If you check out my latest update @ the clipstore, you'll have an insiders view of our upcoming announcement ;)
2012-01-10 06:15:33
Tomorrow is Thursday! That means 2 things to me... Close to my playdate! Heading for Atlanta Friday morning! Yay! & My clipstore updates tomorrow, Be sure to check it out & see what I've been up to recently ;)
2012-01-05 03:55:59
hiya brreeedingwife- mmmm you got my attention - i want some of that xxxcitement
2012-01-03 02:57:09
Breedingwife4cuckold Unfortunately, there was a change of plans. Working on a reschedule now
2012-01-10 06:12:35
Hubby told me that He is booking a suite this weekend in North Atlanta.... Know what THAT means.... OhYeaah !!!!
2012-01-02 02:03:36
Breedingwife4cuckold Oh, XXXcuse me.... it IS BOOKED.... Still, TOO MANY days away :l
2012-01-02 02:04:46
Pics at last what you and your hubby think, you like? would love to make a vid with you and your bulls, no harm in dreaming is there babe?
2011-12-31 20:55:26
Breedingwife4cuckold No harm in dreaming ;) & your pics are sexxxy! I hope I hold up that well ;) You know, life has a way of wearing you out, or polishing you. You m'lady rate Polished... xoxo;)
2012-01-01 01:12:46
cumslut Thank you!
2012-01-01 09:25:36
Good girls do right things, Bad girls do BETTER things ;)
2011-12-31 05:01:35
Gummifrei I belive!
2012-10-18 06:59:11
My clipstore was updated today. If interested, go to my info page & follow my website link :)
After my young black bull left, my Hubby stepped out of His Dom role & I topped him... commanding him to eat my pussy filled with the cum of another. His hesitation prompted me to grab him by his ponytail & force his face into my cunt, and I again ordered him to eat me till I cum. He was a very gooooood boy... ;)
2011-12-30 04:00:32
Not rearly into BDSM but like being tied up and blinfolded sometimes, it's exciting feeling helpless and being used!
2011-12-27 09:49:18
Breedingwife4cuckold It's not for everyone, for sure. And there is much more to it than physical bondage. It works very well for us, feeds our joint & individual kinks ;)
2011-12-30 03:54:14
Anyone else on here living the BDSM lifestyle?
2011-12-27 02:36:28
cumslut Not rearly into BDSM but like being tied up and blindfolded sometimes, it's exciting feeling helpless and being used!
2011-12-28 13:50:14
I did not get enough spankings as a child. Just sayin'..
2011-12-27 02:30:41
Not paying this hol, your pics are awsome make me wet too.My cuck hubby gets a hard on looking at them so he gets fuck me thanks to you!
2011-12-24 17:48:00
Breedingwife4cuckold Awww, Thankyou cumslut... glad I can help ;)
2011-12-27 02:17:32
Anyone else playing this Holiday Season?
2011-12-24 03:03:26
Hubby took me to our fav hotel in "SparkleCity". We had 3 guys that were coming to play. Only 2 showed tho.... and both nutted really fast :(
2011-12-24 03:01:51
kenthestud Hopefully they did it in your pussy so that at least you get something good out of it.
2011-12-24 19:20:57
Breedingwife4cuckold Yeah, but no creampies! Apparently they'd been jacking off/cumming prior. BOth of their ejaculations were more clear than creamy... :(
2011-12-27 02:15:58
Breedingwife4cuckold Hubby really wanted a creampie to play in afterwards
2011-12-27 02:16:31
Just added new pics to my albun, Whore Wife 2 Breed !!! Enjoy ;)
2011-12-21 02:21:10
Husband back in town tomorrow. It's been 3&1/2 wks. I think my virginity has returned, lol.... So XXXcited!!!!
2011-12-21 02:08:24
thank you for the add.........
2011-12-20 18:33:29
2011-12-21 02:10:44
You are so hot!!! I love your pictures!!!
2011-12-18 23:37:00
2011-12-21 02:11:06
Been outta touch last few days... Felt a bit under the weather but better now! We updated our Clipstore Thursday and I just checked out stats... in the Interracial category, we're holding steady in the #5 spot, with 5 of our clips making the Top 50! Be sure to check it out....even the previews will make your cock hard or your pussy wet ;)
2011-12-17 17:16:43
alan888 You are right, even the previews are hot!
2011-12-17 22:16:28
Breedingwife4cuckold See.... i don't lie! ;)
2011-12-18 21:57:07
Looking for an experienced ;) cuckold in SC or GA to join us!
2011-12-15 02:17:55
cuckie i am a cuckold in ga
2012-01-09 03:50:25
Hope everyone is finding some action tonight! I've been watching clips of myself in Action, hahaha, since it's quiet here tonight ;)
2011-12-15 02:13:24
Unfortunately, no time to hang out right now, but I'll be on later :)
2011-12-13 17:41:35
HI! To my new friends! Your requests finally showed up. Must've been a glitch ;)
2011-12-13 17:40:52
Click onto friends, click onto requests, click on accept.
2011-12-13 12:08:19
Could use a little help navigating this site. I received email alerts that I have a few friend requests, but where do i go on here to view/accept my requests? Feel so stupid, lol.
Thxxx for the help ;)
2011-12-13 01:52:05
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